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Our Services Plan

Services We Provide For Our Valued Investors.

Financial Market

CoinMint Capital Corporation is concerned with how well the financial market functions in terms of PRICE & PROFIT discovery. It can also be termed as FOREIGN EXCHANGE which comprises of buying and selling of Forex deposits. Capitals flows more efficiently between the investors and the financial market participants as long as the all share the same confidence, trust and ethical behavior.

Loan Scheme

CoinMint Capital Corporation is a licensed and trusted moneylender, whether you need a personal or business loan, our loans are tailored to suit you. Skip the lengthy loan process of traditional banks with our simplified, low-interest loan solutions. To expedite our loan process, we have set up an online loan application. Simply fill out the form and wait for immediate response to you within hours.

Sales & Trading

Sales and trading is an investment strategy that involves conversion of all your Cryptocurrencies, tokens and so on in personal wallet or CoinMint Capital portfolio into your country fiat currency to your local banks without any hassle. Sign up an account, make a deposit of your Cryptocurrency and convert to fiat currency, send to your local bank account in your country.

Real Asset

Investing in Real asset is not a "Get rich quick" scheme. Real asset have become a commodity of choice for corporate finance and the pace at which financial corporations are taking over housing and real assets in many cities is staggering. It have been of great profit to CoinMint Capital Corporation.

Crypto Investment

Cryptocurrency are entirely digital and operate independently of official currencies like the US Dollar, Pounds, Euros Etc. Cryptocurrency allows users to engage in secured financial transactions without going through a third-party process like the traditional banks. There are other forms of currency that gives value to the global market like Gold, Silver and Oil as well as Stock, Shares, Bonds other derivatives. This currencies are trading every hour of the day in the global market by CoinMint Capital Corporation.

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds offer one of the best and easiest ways for investors to reap the benefits of Compound Interest. Mutual funds are the least expensive way for Investors to own a diversified portfolio and are managed by Fund Managers who identifies the potential of earning a high rate of Return and who allocate the shareholders funds to various investments. Mutual funds are relatively long term investments.