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We Are Finance & Investment Manager Since 2019.

CoinMint Capital Corporation is an international software company trading fully on cryptocurrency and other forex innovations. Established in February 2019. It was created by a group of professional traders, qualified experts that values transparency, partnership and sharing of our success with all our investors. We are defined by our partnership strategies, sophisticated algorithm, and our dynamic customer service.

The software’s success goes back to its implementation back in 2013. It was first discovered and introduced to larger hedge funds entities, and private banks. When we both saw its success in the field, after back-testing as well, CoinMint Capital chose to start providing to larger private investors and giving their investment portfolios an extra diversification. With time, the software’s returns spoke for themselves.

We, as your Cryptocurrency and Forex innovations software provider, work around the clock to track the Algorithm software and improve its returns and outcomes. You, as our client need only to invest and relax. Our software is a unique and individual software, programmed on both fundamental and technical analysis, making it an extremely intelligent and well-developed tool of investment.

A team of highly experienced traders and financial experts monitor market events, currency changes, politics, and more, to determine different patents and patterns that can be implemented into the software to allow it to generate even more success.

Another group of professionals, equipped in development, engineering, and programming, work to monitor the software and constantly check for glitches or flaws, to prevent them even before the setbacks occur. This allows our clients to rest easy knowing not only is the intelligent software completely up within its calculations.

CoinMint Capital Corporation was established in 2019, owned by Jake Noguera and headquartered in Singapore. Our best leading branch in Atlanta Georgia.

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James P. Morrison

Jake Noguera

CEO - Chief Executive Officer.

James P. Morrison

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James P. Morrison

Andrew Sonnenblick

Head of Capital Market (HCM).

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